• Delaunay image triangulation

    Detailed explanation of the technique used on Triangle, my dalaunay image triangulator app written in Go.


  • ASCII terminal mandelbrot fractal renderer in Go

    ASCIIbrot is a simple Mandelbrot fractal generator running in terminal. It's written in Go and it was designed to be ran on different platforms, however the linux based is the one on which it was tested.


  • Mandelbrot renderer in Go

    Mandelbrot image renderer written in Go. It's using Go's concurrent and parallel programming feature called goroutines. The output is highly customizable and the rendered mandelbrot set color palette is very adaptive due to the various color palettes (these can be extended easily) and the interpolation algorithm used to blend these colors together.


  • Perlin noise based Minecraft rendering experiment

    This is an adapted version of Notch's javascript based minecraft rendering experiment, extended with Perlin noise based terrain simulation.


  • Navier Stokes Fluid Simulation on HTML5 Canvas

    Implementing real time fluid simulation in pure Javascript was a long desire of me and has been sitting in my todo list from a long time on. However from various reasons i never found enough time to start working on it.


  • Worley noise cellular texturing

    There are some quite well known procedural textures generation algorithms used in graphic industry: Voronoi, Perlin noise, simplex noise (a lightweight variation of Perlin noise), reaction-diffusion systems like Turing pattern etc. In this experiment i will implement the Worley noise in Javascript.


  • 404 page

    This is a simple experiment which scope was to familiarize myself with HTML5, after coding almost in AS3. At the same time i wanted to test the HTML5 canvas capabilities.


  • Organic Turing Pattern

    This Flash experiment was inspired by a thoroughly explained article about what has been generally known as Turing Pattern.

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  • Sound visualization

    I called this experiment wormhole sound visualization because of procedural content generation, as the whole texture has been created procedurally. Below the fact that i'm absolutely interested in generative algorithm and imaginary i tried to explore Flash new drawing capabilities like the IGraphicsData.

    Actionscript 3,Blog,Experiments,Source Codes,Tutorials,Visualization

  • Cloth simulation with RK4 numerical integration

    In this article I will discuss about something which is best known as numerical integration. I have been always fascinated about organically moving cloth, and wondered how it can be possible to reproduce this visually appealing effect using Actionscript.

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