• Organic Turing Pattern

    This is an experiment inspired by a thoroughly explained article about the concept behind what is generally known as Turing Pattern. The Turing Patterns has become a key attraction in fact thanks to Jonathan McCabe popular paper Cyclic Symmetric Mutli-Scale Turing Patterns in which he explains the generated image which may look like a bone, or an erosive terrain etc...

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  • Sound visualization

    I called this experiment wormhole sound visualization because of procedural content generation, as the whole texture has been created procedurally. Below the fact that i'm absolutely interested in generative algorithm and imaginary i tried to explore Flash new drawing capabilities like the IGraphicsData.

    Actionscript 3,Blog,Experiments,Source Codes,Tutorials,Visualization

  • Cloth simulation with RK4 numerical integration

    In this article I will discuss about something which is best known as numerical integration. I have been always fascinated about organically moving cloth, and wondered how it can be possible to reproduce this visually appealing effect using Actionscript.

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